6 thoughts on “Sheikh Khalid Yasin Lecture @ ICNOHO”

  1. Jonah Muhammad

    S.A I’m am looking for contact info for Sheik Khalid Yasin inshallah. We would like to have him visit us in Tucson. AZ. Thank you.

  2. khadra haji said

    Is there any upcoming events and/or lectures of Sheikh Khaled Yaseen in UK? Where to go to find out? Can you help us?

    Thank you

  3. Asallaam U Alaykum brothers and sisters, I made niyah to meet Khalid Yasin and Alhamdulilah I met him out of coincidence from Allah swt grace Alhamdulilah at Jamarat whilst performing hajj, May Allah swt accept his efforts and mine in Dawah and all those involved, Interestingly I got numbers 66 in a conference held by Abdur Raheem green, I met Khalid Yasin at age of 66 and 2 years ago I also met Yusuf Estes at age of 66. My Uncle met Dr Zakir Naik at Umrah Alhamdulilah and what I say interestingly is Allah swt is gathering people to their places in what good they do and their highly sophisticated and hard work efforts to increase and shape the muslim Ummah from Ikhlaq and unifying through eliminating Bidah and only teaching practises of beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH I dearly hope we all follow the D’aees in spreading only Quran & Sunnah and may Allah swt guide us to the Siratul-mustaqeem path. Ameen. Muhammad Jamaal.

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