Islamic Software

Downloads Section

Please feel free to download the following products.

No.Product NameSizeDownload
01The Quran Software1.96 MBClick Here
02The Hadith Software Version 1.02.1 MBClick Here
03The Athan Software Version 1.02.1 MBClick Here
04DailyPrayers (for Java enabled mobiles)80 KBClick Here

The Hadith Software Plug-in Databases.

No.Database NameSizeDateDownload
01Sahih Bukhari1.6 MB09/03/2002Click Here
02Sahih Muslim1.4 MB09/03/2002Click Here
03Imam Malik’s al-Muwatta0.8 MB21/03/2002Click Here
04Fiqh-us-Sunnah0.8 MB25/07/2002Click Here
05Al-Tirmidhi0.5 MB11/11/2002Click Here
06Abu Dawud0.7 MB02/01/2003Click Here
07Extras0.3 MB15/05/2002Click Here

Some more to the list ~

TitleDescriptionContributed By
The Most Read BookAn English translation of the Quran that is as close as possible to the Arabic textTMRB Project Team
PrayTimerCalculate prayer times for any location, given its latitude and longitudeDr. Kamal Abdali
QiblaCalculate the direction of Mecca from anywhere, given its latitude and longitudeDr. Kamal Abdali
IrthCalculate inheritance shares of eligible heirs according to Islamic law of “Fara’idh”Dr. Ayman Abu-Mostafa
Hijri DatesCalculate Hijri dates from Gregorian dates and vice versaDr. Ayman Abu-Mostafa
The Quran MP3 PlayerRecitations of the Holy Quran by many recitersAhmad Taha
Salat MobileShow prayer times and Qibla direction on your cell phoneSohaib Syed
MawarithCalculate inheritance shares according to Islamic lawSiraj Eruvadi
At-TashilCalculate inheritance shares according to Islamic lawAhmad Ruswandi
Quran with TafseerThe holy Quran with five translations and four tafseers (exegeses)Muhammad Kashif
The CreedBrowse and search translations of the Quran, Hadith and FiqhMohtab Software
The 99 Names of AllahExplanation of God’s Most Beautiful AttributesMansoor Elahi