Ramadan 2009


The Islamic Center of North Hollywood is pleased to announce that the first day of Ramadan 1430 H will begin on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009.

Taraweeh prayers begin Friday, August 21st, 2009 9.30 pm  aftter Isha prayer at 9:15 pm .   

الـحـمـد لله و الـصّـلاة و الـسّـلام عـلـى سـيّـدنـا مـحـمّـد رسـول الله و عـلـى آلـه و صـحـبـه و مـن والاه

Ramadan 1430 H/ 2009

The first day of Ramadan is on Saturday August 22, 2009.

Based on moon sighting and astronomical calculation, the start of Ramadan this year is determined to be Saturday August 22nd, 2009.    

The Astronomical calculation determined that the new astronomical moon for the month of Ramadan 1430 H/ 2009 is on Thursday August 20th at 5:02 LT. 

On Thursday, August 20, 2008, the moon will set before or at the time of sunset in the Muslim countries. Accordingly, the moon cannot be sighted anywhere in these countries.   

Similarly, in Canada, the moon will set before sunset. For instance, the moon will set 8 minutes before sunset in Winnipeg and Calgary and it will set 4 minutes before sunset in Victoria BC. Accordingly, the moon cannot be seen anywhere in Canada.  

Taking into consideration this scientific facts and Based on the criteria adopted by MIA (reliable sighting of the moon) which takes its authority from the Prophetic hadith “Fast when you see it [the crescent], and break your fast when you see it; and if it is clouded upon you/obscured from you, then complete it as thirty days” [Hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim]

Islamic Center of North Hollywood is pleased to announce that Friday August 21 will be the 30th of Sha’ban and Saturday August the 22nd will be the first day of Ramadan.   

We wish you and all Muslims a blessed and fruitful Ramadan.

May Allah s.w.t accept our siyam (fasting), salat (prayers) and all our good deeds. Ameen 

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